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Building Automation and Control

Sisint provides a suite of engineering services where the main focus is on energy efficiency, resource optimization, and control and monitoring of building equipment, making them intelligent buildings.

We develop flexible solutions of energy efficiency, comfort and security in an integrated way allowing a system of Technical Management and centralized Energy Management. These systems are generally open and multi-brand and multiprotocol systems that interconnect with field equipment to measure all the variables associated with each system and their respective interconnection with the central supervisory system (SCADA)

Design, supply and assembly of:

• Building automation systems - KNX;
• Centralized technical management systems;
• Security Systems (Fire, intrusion and access control);


Sound & Video Distribution Systems

As a result of its continued commitment to this market and with a team with proven experience in this area for many years, Sisint has been increasingly affirmed as an indispensable reference as a designer (acoustic and electroacoustic analysis), integrator and installed diffusion systems Sound system for ambient sound, animation or emergency evacuation system according to EN54 standard.

Typically the sound diffusion systems are divided as follows:

  • Public Address System (Emergency Evacuation)
  • Distribution for background music
  • Dedicated systems of animation in spaces and enterprises


Information and Entertainment Systems
(Corporate TV Systems / IPTV)

SISINT designs, and puts into service corporate video systems (IPTV) for the dissemination of content, news and information "online" in large Public spaces aswell as kiosks of information to the public, including the service management.

These services include the definition and provision of communication infrastructures, a platform for the production and dissemination of playlists in public places.



Sisint started developing solutions for automation and monitoring software applied to energy production centers (Photovoltaic and Wind Power).

A whole series of procedures are developed that involve several tasks such as:

  • Configuration, parameterization and integration of multibrand protections
  • PLC Configuration
  • Local HMI Configuration and SCADA Systems
  • Communications network (IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, IEC60870 - 5 - 104)
  • Elaboration of FAT and SAT protocols
  • Selection and supply of equipment for signal acquisition and measurements
  • Preventive maintenance study
  • Development of performance evaluation systems


Maintenance Services

Additionally, we provide maintenance services for systems implemented by us or by other

• Telephony;
• Information to the public;

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