Services of SISINT Engenharia (Macao)



Engineering Services (Design)

• Design integration (defining  a set of rules for the primary and secondary design);

Engineering Services (Automation Configuration)

• Configuration of wide range of protection relays from different manufactures;
• PLC Configuration;
• Local HMI and SCADA systems Configuration;
• All Communication setup

Engineering Services (Test & Commissioning)

• Primary injection tests of CT's and VT's;
• Site Acceptances tests (SAT) & OCC files preparation;
• lnspection, Wiring Check & Cable check;
• Protection relays settings parameterization;
• Command, signalling and interlocking of HV equipments (CB, Disconnectors, earth switches, GlS, etc);
• Protection function tests

Engineering Services (Consultancy /Site Supervision)

• Preliminary/Primary studies and Feasibility Reports;
• Analysis and evaluation of technical tender proposals and 
• Consolidation of all technical details for the preparation of the contract;
• Assistance during the design stage of the Costumer's project;
• Design review;
• Training at all phases;
• Site management (project schedule, team coordination, site organization);
• Supervise the electro-mechanical works and commissioning works

Engineering Services (Maintenance)

• Expertise and the required equipment to perform preventive and corrective maintenance;
• Refurbishment of systems up to 400 kV.

Engineering Services (Construction)

• All electrical panelsinstallation;
• Domotic system integration and installation (based in KNX protocol);
• Security systems installation;
• Telecommunication systems installation.


Industry & Building Construction

Building Management Systems

Sound & Video Distribution Systems

Information and Entertainment Systems (Corporate TV Systems / IPTV)

Maintenance Services

Security Systems



References (Energy)

References for Desiqn

Macao / Alstom
• Macau LRT 111/22/11kV  PSS 3 & 4

References for Test & Commissioninq

Macao / Alstom
• Macau LRT 110/22/11kV  PSS 3 & 4

Macao / CEM
• Macau Studio City - 110/11 kV SS 
• Wynn Palace Cotai -  110/11 kV SS
• Lotus – 220/110  kV SS
• Venetian Parcel 3 - 110/11 kV SS

References for Consultancv / Supervision Works

Macao / CEM
• 220 kV & 110 kV Underground Cable Project (Civil Works supervision,Cable Laying, Joints and Terminations supervision )

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